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By Miss Monroe, Newcastle Boudoir Photographer

How to retouch your photos so you look naturally flawless

Miss Monroe’s boudoir photography sessions are truly indulgent. After getting your hair and makeup done you will feel like a glamour queen. It’s so much easier to pose in front of the camera when you feel like a Goddess. Our use of talented makeup styling and flattering lighting means you will look your best in our photos, and with a little extra help from Photoshop, you will look truly flawless. We have a few tricks up our sleeves for retouching your boudoir photos so you still look like yourself.

It’s impossible to have every part of our bodies look perfect all the time. You can’t help the bumps and scratches and cheeky lines that show up seemingly overnight. I think we should all embrace every bit of ourselves whether it’s considered a ‘flaw’ or not. Every mole, freckle, wrinkle and stretch mark is a part of you and deserves your love and acceptance. However if you want to create the kind of photos you will look back on and cherish forever, I understand that you might want to keep some of those things hidden. That’s why I offer light retouching with every image you choose to purchase. The way I retouch is natural enough that you are still recognisable. I don’t change the shape of your body or remove identifiable features unless you specifically ask for it. But I will smooth out lumps and bumps to make your skin look even and clear and soften lines so it looks like you’re getting as much sleep as we’re all supposed to.

retouching your boudoir photos
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Retouching Your Boudoir Photos- in Video!

Our standard editing process includes the following steps:

  • colour/exposure correction
  • evening skin tone/removing redness
  • removing blemishes such as pimples, bruises and scratches
  • warming skin tone if necessary
  • softening obvious lines such as around eyes or forehead
  • lightening/smoothing under eyes
  • smoothing obvious cellulite and/or stretch marks
  • fixing background problems/distractions

See the video below for a quick example of how we edit your boudoir images

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