What We Do

We create beautiful boudoir photography for women in Newcastle NSW. But more than that, we help females of all ages and stages of life to feel good about themselves. We encourage acceptance, positivity, self-love and authenticity. We help them to have the confidence to express who they truly are, and then create portraits that they will treasure for their lifetime.

Our Philosophy

Our belief is that all women are beautiful, powerful and worthy of love and acceptance just the way they are. We don’t ask any female to change who she is or how she looks in order to fit into a certain idea about what femininity is. Being feminist means that we accept all women in all their chosen roles, no matter their looks, sexuality, relationships status, education, beliefs, career, or any other life situation. We accept that only she has the right to make her own choices and we encourage her to do so throughout her whole life.

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Want more reasons to choose Miss Monroe for your confidence building photo shoot? Check out some more of our work and advice on the blog. These posts will hopefully inspire you do something that will leave you feeling amazing and empowered.

Covid Update for Miss Monroe Boudoir Photography

Covid Safe Boudoir Sessions2020 has brought with it all sorts of new challenges. Number one of course is the global pandemic that has disrupted all our lives. It's been a quiet few months for many businesses, including Miss Monroe Boudoir Photography, but as things...

Boudoir Photography Prices

Prices and Updates for 2020 Boudoir PhotographyBoudoir photography for women in NewcastleIt's time to update my boudoir photography prices for 2020! It's been a whole two months since 2020 began, but in true form it's taken me this long to get organised. I hope you...

Boudoir Shoot Giveaway with Miss Monroe

Congratulations to the Winner of Our Boudoir Shoot Giveaway! A few months ago we announced a boudoir shoot giveaway competition for Miss Monroe followers. The response to the giveaway was wonderful and we really appreciate every comment, every share and every single...

Curve It Up Ladies!

Boudoir Photography for Curvy Women I've said it before, I freaking love curves. At Miss Monroe we specialise in boudoir photography for curvy women. We love capturing the curves of a women's body and creating images that surprise and delight her. As a woman I know...

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