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All about me- Michelle Dobson Photographer- Oh hey, I’m Michelle, I’m the photographer and content creator behind Miss Monroe. That’s me there to the left, looking glamorous. I don’t look like that all the time, usually I’m at home in my pyjamas in front of my computer screen, trying to work while my kids are playing Minecraft and watching random YouTube videos. This look is thanks to 2 hours in hair & makeup, uncomfortable shapewear, good lighting and just a tiny bit of Photoshop (although you can’t tell because I’m really, really good at Photoshop).
This would be me if I had the time and energy to dress like this and style my hair every day. I am a big fan of vintage glamour- it’s just so refined and elegant and sexy. I truly believe I was born in the wrong era, except for the fact that I love the internet too much. I don’t know how I would survive in a world without online shopping.

I’ve been a professional photographer for over 12 years and I’ve shot everything from weddings and events to babies, families, fashion and products. I also do some very special volunteer work for a not-for-profit organisation called Heartfelt where we photograph stillborn babies and terminally ill children. It’s a beautiful cause that’s very close to my heart and I invite you to read more about us here. 

Apart from photography the other big loves of my life are coffee, cheesecake, vintage caravans, traveling in said caravans and sipping wine by a campfire in the middle of the wilderness, especially when surrounded by people I love.

I also employ a great team of makeup artists and hair stylists and the occasional studio assistant to help me create amazing images. You can check out our great work on our gallery here and keep up to date with current news and offers on our blog here.

Please feel free to drop me a line below if you want to get in touch!


Michelle xx

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Phone: 0427241180

E-mail: studio@missmonroe.net

Based in Newcastle, NSW

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