Boudoir Photos for Women in Newcastle

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So it seems that 2020 is almost over. Thank goodness for that! For many of us, it will be a year we would rather forget. I certainly don’t want to remember those 2 weeks I spent with 3 kids in isolation and the pain of Covid swabs being shoved up my nose and down my throat. Not to mention failing miserably at schooling the kids from home and drinking way too much wine for my own good. I missed not being able to meet friends for coffee or have snuggles with my brand new baby nephew. But after all the bad things that happened I learned many new lessons. I feel very grateful for the health that I’ve been blessed with, and the fact that I can continue to work, taking amazing boudoir photos for women in Newcastle.

In the beginning of the Pandemic I played it safe and cancelled existing bookings, rescheduling them with caution. But as restrictions it eased it seemed safe to start doing one-on-one photography sessions again. It felt so good to be be able to shoot again and I met some really wonderful women! Since the pandemic I’ve changed my photoshoot packages so that hair and makeup is an optional extra for those women who feel comfortable enough to have a stylist in close contact with them. You can find all my prices and package options here.

My Favourite Photos of 2020

It’s been a quieter year than normal but I’ve still created some beautiful boudoir photos that I’m proud of and I’ve made a little gallery to share with you. I wish I could give you more, but as always I respect the privacy of my clients and will only post images that I have approval to post. This year I had a high ratio of clients not wishing to make their photos public, so this is a small sample of the work I have done.

This year I also moved my shoots into a new location and so far it’s been a great success. I love being challenged by new locations and lighting situations and this new studio offers a lot of great options for scenes and set ups. I’d love for you to let me know what you think of the new location for boudoir photos in Newcastle.

What’s Coming up in 2021?

As the Covid situation continues to be monitored in NSW, I am taking each day as it comes and taking new bookings as normal but with a flexible cancellation policy. You can read my full Covid safe policy here.

If you want a boudoir photography session in Newcastle in 2021, please contact me here.

Want to know more about boudoir photos? Please read more about what we do here.

I hope that each and every one of you have a lovely end to your year, and may 2021 be better and brighter and lots more fun!

Happy holidays! Love from Michelle and the whole Miss Monroe team xx

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