Here it is! Everything you need to know before booking your sexy lingerie and boudoir photoshoot with Miss Monroe.

Q1. What if I am uncomfortable about having photos taken, especially without my clothes?
A.Firstly, we know how daunting the idea of being in front of a camera can be, and it’s even more nerve-racking when you start taking off layers of clothing, but please rest assured we work closely with all our clients to help them feel as comfortable as possible in our presence and we would NEVER ask anyone to do anything that makes them uncomfortable. Remember this is all about YOU and you get to call the shots and set the limits. Having a planning session prior to your shoot is absolutely essential to help us learn more about you and find out how you want to be portrayed.

Q2. I have a good idea about the kind of photos I want, can I send you some samples? OR, I really don’t know what I want, can you help me?
A. If you do know what you are looking for then, yay! That helps us so much! Please feel free to bring some inspiration pics along to your planning session or invite us to a pinterest page. We would love to see what you have in mind.
If you really aren’t sure what you want then that’s no problem either! We have photographed literally hundreds of people before and we have a huge repertoire of poses, lighting, looks and styles that we can create. We recommend looking through our gallery and following us on Instagram and Facebook for inspiration.

Q3. What do I need to bring? Do you provide outfits or do I?
A.What you need to bring depends on the kind of session you want, but generally speaking, you do need to bring your own outfits. We have a few accessories here such as gowns and corsets that can be used for shoots, but to keep it personal we recommend you bring your own clothing and lingerie. You don’t need to have heaps of different options and we certainly don’t expect you to go out and spend a fortune on brand new lingerie (unless that’s what you really want!) as one lace bra and knickers set is enough to work with. Other things that look great are thigh-high stockings, high heels, garters and suspender belts, a lacy gown, a simple white collared shirt, an over-sized cardigan, your favourite skinny jeans and for something extra cheeky why not bring your partner’s favourite shirt or tie?

For more information on what to wear for your photo shoot check out our blog here

Q4. I am really awkward in front of a camera, will you help me with posing?
A. Yes of course! Our job is to help position you in the most flattering way and even advise you on facial expressions. Some of the poses may feel completely weird and unnatural but trust us, we know what we’re doing! The most important thing to remember is to have fun and relax as much as possible. Everyone looks beautiful when they are genuinely happy.

Q5. Can you photoshop/retouch my flaws?
A. Flaws? What flaws? You are perfect just the way you are…
We understand that many of us have parts of our body we aren’t happy with and it’s part of our job to find out what you do and don’t like about your body to try to avoid or enhance those areas during your shoot using makeup, lighting, posing and props. We use photoshop to remove blemishes like pimples and bruises and to smooth out skin, soften visible pores etc, but we don’t intend to make you look like a totally different person. If you have specific requests such as removing an unwanted tattoo or scar then please let us know and we’ll happily oblige. More extreme body manipulation is not part of our usual service and may incur an extra fee so please let us know before your shoot if that’s something you’re interested in.

Q6. Will anyone else see my photos? What if I don’t want them posted online?
A. Obviously Miss Monroe staff are likely to see many of your photos, as will the printers who produce and package your photos and albums. Apart from that, you get to decide who sees your images. Every client has the choice to make their photos available to us for promotional use (on the website, facebook, printed material etc.) and even then we tend to only display the most flattering and tasteful images. We would never publicise anyone’s photo without their permission.

Q7. Do you sell digital files?
A. Yes, we sell digital files! See our pricing page here

Q8. How long will it take to get my photos back?
A. Digital images are usually available for download within 7 days of your shoot and prints can take around 2 weeks. Albums take more time and can be ready within 4 weeks of your shoot depending on how long it takes to approve a design.

Q9. What are your payment options?
A.Our preferred payment method is via the website using your credit or debit card. We can accept cash, lay-by, bank deposit, paypal and finance through Ezipay.
Our studio lay-by terms are 20% deposit with 8-10 weekly installments (or 4-5 fortnightly). Products will be available for pick up after your final payment has been received.
Take-home Lay-by- You pay 33% deposit, take your products home and pay back to the finance company over 6-12 months via direct debit. Conditions do apply

Q10. I love my photos but I can’t afford to buy any right now. Will I be able to come back in a few months time?
A.Yes! Your photos are stored safely away and can be easily accessed any time. If you want to come back within 6 months of your shoot there will be no extra fee involved but after that time you will be charged a $30 retrieval fee. There’s also the possibility that our product prices may have increased and in that case we will advise you of the new fees.

Q11. How do I book?
A. Call us on 0427241180 or contact us here. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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