Free Shoot Nominations Still Open!

by | May 11, 2018 | body positivity, Special offers | 0 comments

There is still time to win a free makeover shoot with Miss Monroe!

I have been so overwhelmed with the response to my free shoot competition. It’s lovely to hear from people who genuinely love and care about the women in their lives and want to give them something special. So far I have heard from friends, husbands, mothers, daughters and sisters. Some of the things I have read include:

‘She NEVER gets the opportunity to do something for herself – she needs this, she’s forgotten who she is and that she matters more than she realises.’

‘My mum is such a caring person with so much love to give everyone.. so when I saw your competition I thought it could be the perfect way for Mum to see just how beautiful she really is.. and so she can see herself the way we all see her!!’

‘I believe that she truly deserves this shoot so that she can she how beautiful she is, and so that she can stop doubting herself and start believing that she is truly beautiful.’

‘I think she is gorgeous inside and out weather that be in normal house clothes or naked in the bedroom and I just want her to be able to get some pamper time and see in her self what I see everyday’

‘My hard working wife gives so much to those around her and nothing to herself which has worn out her own self confidence.’

And words from women who love themselves enough to nominate themselves for a shoot:

‘My life has changed for the better and I have become a much better mum and wife because of this. I would love to win this session to have some sexy photos taken of me in my new skin.’

‘I have checked out your pages and love how you make women look absolutely stunning you truly are talented and I would love to work with you..I would love for you to choose me as I need a confidence boost.’

Reading all these beautiful submissions has really touched me and I wish that there was some way I could offer a free shoot for everyone. Obviously as someone trying to run a business that wouldn’t be possible, but I will be offering something special to every nominee that misses out on the main prize.

There’s still time to enter, so if you haven’t yet done so I encourage you to fill in the form below with your details and we’ll get back to you with the competition instructions. I wish you the best of luck!

Love, Michelle

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