boudoir photography for curvy women
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Boudoir Photography for Curvy Women

I’ve said it before, I freaking love curves. At Miss Monroe we specialise in boudoir photography for curvy women. We love capturing the curves of a women’s body and creating images that surprise and delight her.

As a woman I know it’s not always easy to feel comfortable in your own skin. We are our own worst critics! But having a boudoir shoot can help you embrace yourself and learn to love the skin you’re in. I know how to pose you to make the most of your killer curves. We’ll accentuate the best bits and hide those parts of you that aren’t your favourite.

It’s normal to feel hesitant about exposing yourself in front of a camera, but we can help you feel comfortable. We have some great ideas for flattering poses and lingerie. We even offer hair and makeup styling with our shoots to help you feel extra beautiful. I’ve written a blog post outlining a few other suggestions to help you feel comfortable during a shoot and I recommend browsing through it here>>

And how about gathering some ideas and inspiration? Check out some Pinterest and Instagram accounts that focus on body positivity. Look up #curvygirl and #bodypositivity hashtags and boudoir photography for curvy women. If they can get their gear off and let their sexy selves shine then why can’t you?

Here’s some inspiration that might just help you change your mind…

Ready to book your curvy boudoir photoshoot?

If you want to go ahead and book a shoot to help embrace your curvy beauty, send me a message at or call 0427241180

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Michelle xx

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