About Us

Who is Miss Monroe?

When I say ‘us’ I really mean me, Michelle, the owner and photographer at Miss Monroe. I like to say ‘us’ because even though I primarily work alone, I have the support of an amazing hair and makeup artist, a great assistant, fabulous kids and one very attention-seeking cat. Without them, Miss Monroe would not exist (well to be honest the cat hasn’t done much to help. She could do better).

All I really want to do with my life is make pretty images and make people feel better about themselves. We could all do with a bit of extra brightness, warmth and sexiness in this uncertain and ever-changing world, so Miss Monroe is here to do just that. I aim to help you forget about your bills and responsibilities and boring work and demanding kids just for a short time so you can focus on being your sexy, sensual, gorgeous self for a moment. Sometimes selfies just aren’t enough to show off just how amazing you are, and that’s what I’m here for. My camera is better than yours. And I’ve got great lighting, posing skills and the wonder of Photoshop.